Studio Features


Large Studio Area

large photo studio for hire

380 sqm studio - a spacious hire studio for professional photographers and creative agencies.

Photofinity Studios is a large studio based in the quiet suburb of Bibra Lake. Because we aren't in the city centre (only 20 mins drive) you get a larger, quieter, more relaxed studio environment.

We want to be your preferred photo booking studio - come down for a look at our photographic facilities!

Lounge & Kitchen

studio lounge area and kitchen

The studio has a comfortable lounge area to allow photographers and their clients to relax.

At Photofinity Studios, we want to provide an outstanding experience for photographers and guests and so all studio hire bookings come with complete access to the lounge and kitchenette. Chill out on the comfortable leather couches, discuss the shoot with colleagues or watch footage on the large screen TV.

The studio also features a kitchenette with all the basic appliances: a microwave, a fridge, and a new coffee machine.

Make-Up & Changing

professional makeup bench and two changing rooms

Photofinity Studios has all the facilities to make your shoot a success. The studio features two large changing rooms with mirrors, adjacent to the lounge area. The studio also features a large make-up area in the lounge area. The make-up bench is well lit and has a large wall mirror.

Huge Infinity Curve

white cyc infinity curve

14m x 10m x 5.7m White Cyc with Infinity Curve - the largest cyclorama in Western Australia.

Photofinity Studios boasts one of the largest white cycloramas in Australia. The main white cyc at Photofinity Studios has 140 sqm of floor space, which is bigger than the entire premises of most photography studios.

The white cyc is big enough for a truck and a couple of cars and we have a large access door at the rear.

Offices (3) & Gym

3 Offices and Indoor Gym Area

Studio hire includes complementary use of office space upstairs and a small indoor gym.

There are three offices available at the mezzanine level of the studio, allowing you to look out over the shoot or escape it altogether. The office space allows you to have a professional space to sit down with clients or team members and review the shoot.

The gym is also located at the mezzanine level of the studio and gives photographers or models a chance to relax and take their mind off the shoot, or to do a pre-shoot workout.

Large Access Door

large vehicle access door at studio rear

The photographic studio is large enough to shoot cars, trucks or an entire cast of models. There is a large access door at the rear of the studio that allows large vehicles, props and sets to be brought inside. Parking is available inside the studio premises through this access door.

Outside view of Perth photography studio Photofinity Studios

About Us

Photofinity Studios is owned and operated by Edward and Sharon Khoury, directors of the Perth industrial design firm Form Designs Australia Pty. Ltd. 

The idea for Photofinity Studios came from a real need in the Perth market. When filming an advertisement to showcase a newly-developed product, Form Designs did not have a studio to use for a large Ferrari car that was featured in the commercial.   Instead, the warehouse at the rear of their office building was transformed into a makeshift studio. It was a great way to use the space and so after 18 months of construction and renovating, it was transformed into a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art photographic studio facility. 

Edward Khoury Photofinity

Photofinity Studios is Perth's premier commercial photographic studio which is available to hire for individuals and corporate clients. The studio offers clients a clean, spacious and comfortable environment for their shoot. The studio is ideally located in the quiet suburb of Bibra Lake - only 20 minutes from the heart of the city. Photofinity Studios aims to build a reputation as an outstanding facility that delivers beyond expectations. 

Photofinity Studios is a subsidiary of the professional industrial design agency, Form Designs Australia Pty Ltd.

With a focus on new product development and innovation, Form Designs specialises in the design, engineering, production sourcing and commercialisation of products. Founded in 1982, Form Designs has delivered high-quality, professional, and award-winning designs for clients across a range of different industries.

Browse through the Form Designs product portfolio here, or visit the website for more information.